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Your All-In-One, Cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) 
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Managing a trucking company is complicated.
Let's make it easier

Who says automated trucking management needs to be complicated? OpenRoad TMS allows you to manage your operations, loads, dispatch, accounting, safety, fuel, and more – in a truly easy-to-use, cloud-based environment


OpenRoad TMS Features

key features

The OpenRoad Driver App dramatically increases the efficiency of your drivers

Dispatch your drivers with a click of a button, and immediately provide them with detailed load information

Drivers can scan and upload bill of ladings and other documents in seconds. Your team receives them at the office instantly

Never miss an important document - the OpenRoad Driver App will make sure load documents are all uploaded by notifying the driver when something is missing


Enjoy Seamless Integration With:

OpenRoad TMS also offers a powerful API for custom integrations


What are users saying?

Gain Control

Gain Control and Never Miss an Opportunity 

OpenRoad TMS gives you complete real-time visibility of your operations and ensures your assets are utilized to the max

Control the entire load cycle - book the load, keep the customer informed in real-time, deliver on time, and bill within minutes of delivery

Users and customers gain the ability to live track the shipments and receive automatic, geo-fence enabled notifications about load status updates

Enjoy seamless integration with major ELD providers - your team will see available hours of service, allowing for informed load planning decisions

With a live view of your entire fleet, minimize the sitting-time of your trucks and make sure every asset is earning for your company

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Features Explained

OpenRoad Planner

A simple yet powerful tool that allows the user to manage and plan the entire week for the whole fleet.


Driver Mobile Application

This easy to use mobile app allows drivers to receive dispatched loads, see payroll and miles information, scan bills of lading, receipts, and other documents, view a company directory, and much more.

Driver Performance Monitoring

The system gives you valuable information about the performance of each one of your drivers – learn which drivers are bringing in the most profit, and which ones require further training and improvement

Automatic Driver and Dispatcher Settlements

Driver and dispatcher settlements are calculated automatically based on your specifications, giving you the exact weekly amount for each employee

Fleet MPG Calculation

Reduce fuel costs by gaining insight into real MPG data for each truck in your fleet, and learn which drivers can improve on fuel consumption 

Fleet Manager Performance Monitoring

Gain insight into the performance of your dispatchers fleet managers - see who are your top performers, and who on your team has room for improvement

Safety & Compliance Dashboard

Gain visibility into the safety and compliance of your fleet, from expiration dates to hours of service, and more

Maintenance Management

Report maintenance issues, track downtime, determine maintenance cost by unit.

Trailer and Yard Management

Increase the utilization of your trailers via real-time visibility of dropped trailers across multiple yards

1-Click Invoicing

OpenRoad TMS allows your team to invoice customers immediately after delivery; the process is made to be fast and easy, helping you avoid mistakes and get paid quickly

IFTA and State Reports

Automated mileage and/or fuel reports are delivered  to your team, saving you time and resources when reporting to government agencies

Alerts and Notifications

Your departments stay informed through automatic notifications about various parts of their work 

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Store your rate confirmations, bill of ladings, PODs, driver qualification files, truck and trailer documents, and all other relevant files in a secure cloud system 

Accounting Integration

OpenRoad TMS integrates with QuickBooks and more. Expedite your payroll and billing, save countless hours by letting the system streamline your accounting processes 

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