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Grow Your Trucking Business & Become a Top Tier Carrier

OpenRoad TMS is a trucking business management software designed to help expedite cash flow, improve service quality, and streamline operations leading to increased efficiency and profits.

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Manage your entire business using one trucking software

From managing operations, dispatching loads to driver's mobile app, processing settlements, invoicing customers, ensuring safety, tracking maintenance, and delivering insightful business performance reports – we've got it all covered in one powerful trucking software.

Streamline Fleet Management

Use OpenRoad Planner to effortlessly oversee multiple driver schedules and loads from a single, intuitive interface.

Stay in the know with real-time shipment updates, automated load status notifications, and instant access to critical truck, trailer, and ELD data.

Identify and address detentions or delays with ease. Maximize asset productivity and revenue with a live view of your entire fleet, eliminating idle time for a more profitable operation.

Unlock Complete Asset Visibility

Gain complete control over your fleet's assets. Track loads, monitor delivery statuses, and receive instant notifications for any hiccups along the way. Use this real-time data to proactively address issues and keep all stakeholders informed in case of unexpected delays or route changes.

Enhance your customer service with proactive decision-making, timely communication, and efficient problem-solving. Real-time visibility into your entire trucking business empowers you to provide top-tier service to your valued clients.

Gain Deep Insights & Elevate Performance

Harness the power of robust analytics and reporting tools to gain invaluable insights into your operations. Dive deep into key performance metrics, uncover emerging trends, enhance cost-effectiveness, and drive informed decision-making.

Evaluate the contributions of your drivers and fleet managers, pinpoint your top profit-makers, and identify areas for training and improvement. Our data-driven approach ensures that your team is always at its best.

Dispatch Loads to Driver's Mobile App

Provide your drivers with instant access to detailed load information at the click of a button.


Drivers can effortlessly scan and upload essential documents, including BOLs, lumpers, and other paperwork.


Say goodbye to paper document chaos; our system automatically attaches them to the correct load record, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

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Before & After OpenRoad TMS

Disorganized and Outdated Systems

Managing a trucking company becomes challenging when load details, customer data, billing, and other crucial information are scattered across different spreadsheets, papers, and whiteboards—or trapped in outdated technology reminiscent of 1990s.

Disappointed Customers & Poor Service

In the trucking industry, a missed delivery and lack of communication can jeopardize business relationships. Today's clients require proactive communication and unwavering reliability. They seek dependable partners who can consistently deliver on promises and keep them informed throughout the process.

Slow Cash Flow & Delayed Payments

The slow and outdated process of collecting paper BOLs from drivers, matching them with rate confirmations, and manually preparing branded invoices adds unnecessary time between delivery, invoicing, and receiving payments from clients.

Smooth & Efficient Operations

Centralize crucial information within a single database, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection providing you with a clear understanding of your operations at all times. Utilize intuitive and proven business workflows to streamline and enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Delighted Customers & Top-Tier Service

Enhance communication and problem-solving with real-time visibility across your entire trucking business. Track loads, monitor deliveries, update clients, and receive instant notifications for any delays or issues, ensuring superior customer service and proactive decision-making.

Accelerated Cash Flow

Empower drivers to scan and upload BOLs via our mobile app immediately after delivery. Our system automatically matches rate confirmations, lumpers, and other documents, enabling one-click invoice generation. Say goodbye to errors, discrepancies, and billing disputes, and say hello to faster payment cycles and a healthier cash flow.

Top Tier Carriers use OpenRoad to:

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Maximize Asset Utilization

Optimize your load planning to maximize resource efficiency, minimize empty miles, and ensure optimal driver coverage. Happy drivers on the move lead to a growing bank account.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Elevate your business by providing faster, more dependable services to your customers. This differentiation in a crowded marketplace not only enhances your reputation but also opens doors to premium lines and the best rates available.

Minimize Risks of Violations and Penalties

Stay secure & compliant with automated notifications about important document expirations and equipment maintenance dates.

Control Profitability

Take control of your operating costs, optimize resource utilization, and pinpoint cost-reduction opportunities. Track essential performance indicators, including on-time delivery, empty miles, and fuel costs, for data-driven decisions and streamlined operations.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Coordinate regular maintenance, track breakdowns, and manage repairs. Schedule routine maintenance, track expenses, and stay up-to-date with annual inspections to extend vehicle lifespan and reduce costs.

Increase Fuel Efficiency:

Fuel costs represent a significant expense for trucking companies. Leverage integration with telematics to track fuel consumption, identify poor driving habits, and gain insights to optimize fuel efficiency.

Boost Team Collaboration

Centralizing all information in one system promotes transparency, reduces errors, and enhances communication among team members, resulting in improved efficiency, morale, and performance for all.

Retain Drivers Longer

With a streamlined process and reduced paperwork, fleet managers can prioritize finding the best loads, ensuring timely unloads, getting paid detentions, and maximizing weekly mileage, ultimately promoting driver satisfaction and long-term retention.

"By simply working properly, everything is right there 1 click away. Makes doing our job 100% simpler by saving so much time."​

-Stephan, Trucking Company Owner

"I get notifications to my email about any updates I need to make, or any documents/info that needs to be updated."​

-Erica, Fleet Manager

"It's one central database - makes it easier to look in one system vs multiple locations to gather information"​​

-David, Accounting Manager

What trucking business operators say about OpenRoad TMS:

"With its cloud-based platform, OpenRoad TMS simplifies operations, offering features like load management, dispatch, accounting, safety, and more."

Seamless integrations:

quickbooks integration
RTS financial integration
PrePass integration
FourKites integration
Samsara  integration
EFS integration
Comdata integration

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OpenRoad TMS

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